USED: Rollei Electronic Shutter Size 0


Cat. No.  USED-0-98989

USED: Rollei Electronic Shutter Size 0

Rollei electronic shutters allow fitment and precise control of larger variety high quality view-camera lenses into the X-Act system or other camera platforms. 

The compact design of the camera leaves an adequate margin of camera movements for view-camera lenses even at short focal lengths and when focused for infinity. The fastest shutter speed of size 0 Rollei electronic shutters is 1/500th and apertures are automatically controlled as fine as increments of 1/10th a stop.

These shutters are also integrated into industrial and scientific processes.  I have heard they are chosen because of their precise and consistent function from shot to shot and their durability.  One industrial user reports that they are seeing about 1 million actuations per unit before needing service. 

  • Note:These shutters require the Len ControllerS for use.