Three 150mm Lenses Compared

Rollei 150mm Tele-Xenar, Rollei 150mm APO f/4.6 Macro, and 150mm APO Sironar LF lens compared.

Test done by Geoff comparing two of the 150mm Schneider lenses for the Rolleiflex Hy6 with a Rodenstock APO Sironar LF lens  on a view camera, using a Leaf AFi-ii 7 digital back for both.

He writes, "Notice the Schneider 150 Telexenar for the Hy6 is good, but their 150 f 4.6 (special bellows mount) is better yet. Both are as good as, if not  better, than the  Apo Sironar Digital lens on a view camera. To be fair, the Rodie isn't the most recent or best of that type and may also suffer from diffraction at f16, although all three were shot at that aperture. Still the Schneider lenses for the Hy6 are notably relevant, if not superior."

You can see which is which in the full size image....

Link to full size image: 100% crops

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