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Is this sacrilegious?

Rollei 90mm APO Macro lens spotted on ebay, converted to 645 pentax mount.

I'm seeing more and more of this conversion of Rollei lenses to other mounts - most often Pentax and Hasselblad.  I feel a bit funny seeing them - kind of hurts actually since most are irreversibly modified.  To go to the trouble and expense to covert a Rollei lens to fit another mount can only mean what we've always known. The rollei lenses are some of the best MF lenses out there. 


Click on the image to go to the ebay auction if you want to see more...  Slap! They could have had a Hy6!

Tilt Table for 55mm PCS lens

For those of you out there with the Rollei Schneider 55mm PCS tilt shift lens, this is a useful chart of required tilt values for distance of the lens to the plane of focus.  Thanks to David Summer Hayes for making this available.    He has several useful articles on his website here - http://www.davidsummerhayes.com/techniques.html  including one on focusing the tilt shift lens. 

Edit - sorry the table isn't showing correctly on the blog - click here for the table

Three 150mm Lenses Compared

Rollei 150mm Tele-Xenar, Rollei 150mm APO f/4.6 Macro, and 150mm APO Sironar LF lens compared.

Test done by Geoff comparing two of the 150mm Schneider lenses for the Rolleiflex Hy6 with a Rodenstock APO Sironar LF lens  on a view camera, using a Leaf AFi-ii 7 digital back for both.

He writes, "Notice the Schneider 150 Telexenar for the Hy6 is good, but their 150 f 4.6 (special bellows mount) is better yet. Both are as good as, if not  better, than the  Apo Sironar Digital lens on a view camera. To be fair, the Rodie isn't the most recent or best of that type and may also suffer from diffraction at f16, although all three were shot at that aperture. Still the Schneider lenses for the Hy6 are notably relevant, if not superior."

You can see which is which in the full size image....

Link to full size image: 100% crops

Pictures of a real life Rollei 1000mm PQ lens!!!!

Last week after writing that I had never seen a 1000mm Rollei PQ lens, I was happily surprised to get an e-mail from Jim in Canada who had one - and he was willing to share a few snap shots of the lens so we could see what they look like.   Woah! Now that is a lens!    Thanks Jim!