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Factory Visit Summer 2016 - Yes they are still in business!

Yes Rolleiflex is still making cameras!  You might have heard about their insolvency and auction, but they restarted quickly and are still in business. Their new business name is now DW-Photo GmbH and they are located in the same factory space in Braunschweig as for the last 65 years.   Here’s a little summary of what’s going on there now

DW-Photo GmbH Factory visit July 2016

I visited DW-Photo GmbH this summer and was pleasantly surprised by how their restart has gone since the auction.   I’ve got some photos and notes to share with everyone from the visit:

Overall thoughts:

They are located in the same building that the factory has been in for many decades, but in a much smaller space that is about 600 square meters. This appears to be the portion of the previous space that was the clean room area and a bit more. The lower floors with heavy machinery for manufacturing, polishing and painting the metal parts as well as the cellar are all now completely empty and so far not cleaned up let alone occupied. This makes getting to the new space a bit eerie but once you are inside their portion everything starts to look very clean and organized. Actually I have never seen it so clean and efficient looking.   DW has managed to get most of their important calibration tools needed for assembly as can be seen in the photos. Some of them are a bit old but still work well and are fine for their production requirements. I was very happy to see that they do still have their print room with many of the original engineering drawings and also their server with all the electronic engineering and production drawings and information. They will obviously have to use outside machine and parts makers to produce the needed parts but this won’t be such a problem since they have the engineering drawings and specification files.  Staff is reported to be about 10 employees though not all are working full time.


Current production is focused on the Hy6 Mod2 cameras and lenses. Hans tells me they are making about 6-10 new cameras a month in addition to doing upgrades to Hy6 Mod2 and all the service and repairs. They are working on a new production run of the 6060 film backs for these cameras that hopefully will be available some time soon.   At the moment they are not assembling any TLR cameras, nor any 6000 cameras or the Rollei 35. It did appear that they were preparing a few projectors but had limited supply.   I did see a good amount of parts for the 6000 series cameras, as well as some for the TLR’s and Rollei 35’s too when I looked briefly through their parts bins.


Service:   They can service any Hy6 or AFi body, and can perform upgrades to Mod2 bodies on most bodies that have the 3.10 firmware and the where the 3 digit in the serial number is a 3 or higher – best to ask first.   They can repair any 6000 or Hy6 lens and in fact while I was there Rolf and Sabine were working on repairing a 500mm Tele-APO-tessar PQS lens. Rolf confirmed that only 20 of these were made.

Address for service is: 

DW-Photo GmbH
Attention: Service
Salzdahlumer Strasse 196
38126 Braunschweig 



110mm f/2.0, 30mm PQ fisheye and 60mm Curtagon all available

I've gotten in one more new (open box) 110mm f/2.0 lens along with a lot of new items including Hy6 Mod2's, 6060 film backs,  and some TLR accessories like lens shades.  

I also have a few other rare lenses come into my used department lately including the 30mm PQ fisheye, the 60mm Schneider Curtagon, and also the Imagon.

Not much of my new inventory is listed yet so if you are looking for something please e-mail me….



X-Act2 lens boards and accessories fit the Novoflex Balpro T/S

Here's a more compact sort of mini X-Act2…. 

Nathan Wright of Ohm-Image has posted an interesting review of the Novoflex Balpro T/S showing how you could use your Rollei lenses and X-Act2 lens boards and accessories with the Balpro.  You can also get camera mounts and accessories from Novoflex to mount different cameras such as the A7R to the Balpro which presumably will also fit on the X-Act2 - hmm….  Anyone tried this? 

Balpro T/S review by Nathan Wright

Novoflex website  Balpro camera and lens mounts

Focusing Screen Sizes for all Rolleiflex SLR and TLR cameras

Here is a little bit of information that I think might be useful for those shopping for focusing screens:

 All the Rollei TLRs with non-interchangeable hoods can take the same size screen (56 mm x 62.5 mm, vertical orientation) by the use of the appropriate spacers (that I include with the installation kit for the particular model).  Those are the Rolleiflex models E, D, C, B, A, all Automats, all PreWWII models (except for the very first model which used 616 film, which requires a special size screen); the Rolleicord models I, II, III, IV, V (also called Va).

All the Rollei TLRs with interchangeable hoods (prior to the GX) take the same size screen (64 mm x 68 mm).  These are the Rolleiflex models E2, E3, F, F12/24, T, Wide Angle Rollei, Tele-Rollei, RolleiMagic, and the Rolleicord Vb.  Also, some non-interchangeable hood models may have been changed to interchangeable hood cameras by repair technicians.

The later Rolleiflex TLR models GX, FX, FW, and FT take a third size screen (55.5 mm x 62.25 mm, horizontal orientation). This is the same size as the SLR cameras from SL 66, SLX, 6000 Series and finally Hy6

Rolleiflex SLR models SL66, SL66E, SLX, the 6000 series cameras, and the Hy6 take the same size screen (55.5 mm x 62.25 mm, horizontal orientation). 

Purple files issue with Hasselblad/Imacon digital backs on the 6000 series explained

For a long time I had gotten occasionally a funny magenta or purple image with my iXpress or Imacon / Hasselblad digital backs on my Rollei 6008AF body.  I figured that sometimes a file just gets corrupted or hit a bad spot on the memory card or there was a loose cable, but on one occasion I had a number of these purple files in one shoot.       I sent some files to Hasselblad Support a few years back and Paul Claesson wrote a very informative e-mail with the explanation.   I found this recently looking through old e-mails and figured this might help someone and am posting it here.  To make the story short - the answer is the mirror up button is not 100% supported with their digital backs on the 6000 series Rolleiflex's.    

The long answer with a better explanation is below in Paul's e-mail:


Mr. Hiss,

Most apologies for the long delay.

I consulted with corporate support in Denmark regarding your questions.

When you make a capture on the 6008AF, without using the mirror up function. The digital back gets a pre sync signal, to stop the sensor reading out lines and make it ready to receive the image, before the shutter opens.  
If you use the mirror up function, the back doesn't get the pre sync signal, and is not ready for the capture. If you are using a fast shutter speed, the images will get a magenta colorcast and if you zoom in them you will see
a pattern. If you use a slow shutter speed, or capture tethered from the computer, the images will be fine.

Mirror up not used

Paul Claesson
Hasselblad Technical Support



DHW Sliding back for X-Act2

Did you know that DHW-Fototechnik makes a sliding back for their X-Act2 Cameras?

Here's a picture of what it looks like and the different components that go into it.  The sliding back takes a viewfinder adapter piece and a digital back adapter insert plate.   Shown are the Rolleiflex 6000 series viewfinder adapter piece and the Hy6 adapter piece.  The DHW sliding back adapter with the Hy6 insert fitted gets the sensor about 6mm closer to the lens than the Kapture Group sliding adapter which means a lot for work with wide lenses. 

Click on image to make larger

What cables do you need to connect a Hasselblad digital back to the Len Control S?

Several people have asked me recently what cables are needed for connecting their Hasselblad digital backs to the Rollei Lens Control S with electronic shutters.

For cables you'd need your firewire cable, plus two others that daisy chain together: The first part of the cable you'll need is the Rollei digital communications cable which I sell in my online shop:  Rollei Connecting Cable for Digital Backs to Lens ControlS, and the second part of the cable is a Hasselblad supplied cable which fits to the end of this cable and goes into the port(s) of your digital back.  It is called the Rollei Expose Cable part # 50300178 for H3D, H4D and H5D backs,  and cable # 50300168 for CF backs.    You must buy this from Hasseblad or from your dealer.  B&H and Adorama list these cables, but I'm not sure if they actually can supply them or not -maybe?   There is another cable for use with the older ixpress digital backs that took the image banks.  This is part number #50300121. Have a look at the diagram to see how it all fits together - just substitute the correct Hasselblad cable for your particular back. 
Note: Click on it to get a larger view 
Cable for CF Hasselblad digital backs - this plugs into the end of the rollei digital cable, then into the back. Also can be used on 6000 series cameras with the back mounted via the iadapter plate (not needed for 6008AF).
For 6000 series cameras to Ixpress or Lens Control to Ixpress backs


Adapter to fit Rollei MF lenses to your DSLR

I've been experimenting with an adapter made by Fotodiox to fit my Rollei lenses onto my DSLR.  This is not an active adapter - meaning it won't adjust the aperture, nor will it operate the shutter or give you focus confirmation.  However it does feel solid and has its own behind the lens aperture.   If there is interest, I will add these adapters for Canon and Nikon  DSLR's to my store - cost would be approx. $150.   I hope that I don't have to write how great the Rollei glass is - you all already knew that right!  Sorry for the lousy cell phone pics… 



List of all corrective diopters available for Rollei cameras

Rolleiflex 6008/ Hy6

Lichtschacht/ Waistleverfinder
Bildlage/Image Pos. Dioptrien/ Diopter Teile Nr./ Part No.
-4.5 9 57559.00.008
-3.5 10 57559.00.007
-2.5 11 57559.00.006
-1.5 12 57559.00.001
-0.5 13 57559.00.005 *
0.5 14 57559.00.004
1.5 15 57559.00.003
2.5 16 57559.00.002
Prisma 45°/ Prismfinder 45°
Bildlage/Image Pos. Dioptrien/ Diopter
-4.5 4.5 94377.00.000
-3.5 5.5 94376.00.000
-2.5 6.5 94375.00.000
-1.5 7.5 94374.00.000
-0.5 8.5 94356.00.000 *
0.5 9.5 96970.00.100
1.5 10.5 94372.00.000
2.5 11.5 94373.00.000
Prisma 90°, Fernrohrsucher 90° / Viewfinder 90°
Bildlage/Image Pos. Dioptrien/ Diopter
-4 4.5 94377.00.000
-3 5.5 94376.00.000
-2 6.5 94375.00.000
-1.5 7 98656.00.000
-1 7.5 94374.00.000 *
0 8.5 94356.00.000
1 9.5 96970.00.100
2 10.5 94372.00.000
3 11.5 94373.00.000
* Standardlupe / Standard diopter

Rolleiflex 2,8 FX/ 4,0 FW/4,0 FT

Lichtschacht/ Waistleverfinder (auch für /also for 2,8 GX/ F / 3,5 F,..)
Bildlage/Image Pos. Dioptrien/ Diopter Teile Nr./ Part No.
-4.5 9.5 92190.41.009
-3.5 10.5 92190.41.010
-2.5 11.5 92190.41.011
-1.5 12.5 92190.41.012
-0.5 13.5 92190.41.013 *
0.5 14.5 92190.41.014
1.5 15.5 92190.41.015
2.5 16.5 92190.41.016
3.5 17.5 92190.41.017
Prisma 45°/ Prismfinder 45°
Bildlage/Image Pos. Dioptrien/ Diopter Teile Nr./ Part No.
-3.5 5.5 94376.00.000
-2.5 6.5 94375.00.000
-1.5 7.5 94374.00.000
-0.5 8.5 94356.00.000 *
0.5 9.5 96970.00.100
1.5 10.5 94372.00.000
2.5 11.5 94373.00.000
Prisma 90° / Viewfinder 90°
Bildlage/Image Pos. Dioptrien/ Diopter Teile Nr./ Part No.
-3.5 5.5 94376.00.000
-2.5 6.5 94375.00.000
-1.5 7 98658.00.000
-0.5 7.5 94374.00.000 *
0.5 8.5 94356.00.000
1.5 9.5 96970.00.100
2.5 10.5 94372.00.000
3.5 11.5 94373.00.000
* Standardlupe / Standard diopter
Is this sacrilegious?

Rollei 90mm APO Macro lens spotted on ebay, converted to 645 pentax mount.

I'm seeing more and more of this conversion of Rollei lenses to other mounts - most often Pentax and Hasselblad.  I feel a bit funny seeing them - kind of hurts actually since most are irreversibly modified.  To go to the trouble and expense to covert a Rollei lens to fit another mount can only mean what we've always known. The rollei lenses are some of the best MF lenses out there. 


Click on the image to go to the ebay auction if you want to see more...  Slap! They could have had a Hy6!

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