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Focusing screens - listing all my used screens

Focusing screens - listing all my used screens

Over the years I've collected quite a number of focusing screens - mostly from different cameras that have come through my hands but I've also picked up a lot by rummaging around in the factory QC area while in Germany and bought ones on ebay going as far back as 2004 when I first my first Rolleiflex SLR camera - a 6008AF.    I've even had some made myself.    Since I stopped selling Maxwell screens (too much hassle, too expensive, virtually identical to the High D screens) a lot of people have asked about screens so I've started to go through my screen box and list them.    I've also gotten in from the factory some NOS High D first Generation screens for both the SLR and TLR screens. 

I've learned a few things about focusing screens over the years - focusing screens are personal choices, not one is always best.   Some people prefer one style or another or swap out screens for the project - macro, indoors, architecture/landscape, etc.  It's really cool how quickly and easily the screens can be swapped out in the Rolleiflex SLR cameras.  

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X-Act2 lens boards and accessories fit the Novoflex Balpro T/S

Here's a more compact sort of mini X-Act2…. 

Nathan Wright of Ohm-Image has posted an interesting review of the Novoflex Balpro T/S showing how you could use your Rollei lenses and X-Act2 lens boards and accessories with the Balpro.  You can also get camera mounts and accessories from Novoflex to mount different cameras such as the A7R to the Balpro which presumably will also fit on the X-Act2 - hmm….  Anyone tried this? 

Balpro T/S review by Nathan Wright

Novoflex website  Balpro camera and lens mounts

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Focusing Screen Sizes for all Rolleiflex SLR and TLR cameras

Here is a little bit of information that I think might be useful for those shopping for focusing screens:

 All the Rollei TLRs with non-interchangeable hoods can take the same size screen (56 mm x 62.5 mm, vertical orientation) by the use of the appropriate spacers (that I include with the installation kit for the particular model).  Those are the Rolleiflex models E, D, C, B, A, all Automats, all PreWWII models (except for the very first model which used 616 film, which requires a special size screen); the Rolleicord models I, II, III, IV, V (also called Va).

All the Rollei TLRs with interchangeable hoods (prior to the GX) take the same size screen (64 mm x 68 mm).  These are the Rolleiflex models E2, E3, F, F12/24, T, Wide Angle Rollei, Tele-Rollei, RolleiMagic, and the Rolleicord Vb.  Also, some non-interchangeable hood models may have been changed to interchangeable hood cameras by repair technicians.

The later Rolleiflex TLR models GX, FX, FW, and FT take a third size screen (55.5 mm x 62.25 mm, horizontal orientation). This is the same size as the SLR cameras from SL 66, SLX, 6000 Series and finally Hy6

Rolleiflex SLR models SL66, SL66E, SLX, the 6000 series cameras, and the Hy6 take the same size screen (55.5 mm x 62.25 mm, horizontal orientation). 

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