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Focusing Screen Sizes for all Rolleiflex SLR and TLR cameras

Here is a little bit of information that I think might be useful for those shopping for focusing screens:

 All the Rollei TLRs with non-interchangeable hoods can take the same size screen (56 mm x 62.5 mm, vertical orientation) by the use of the appropriate spacers (that I include with the installation kit for the particular model).  Those are the Rolleiflex models E, D, C, B, A, all Automats, all PreWWII models (except for the very first model which used 616 film, which requires a special size screen); the Rolleicord models I, II, III, IV, V (also called Va).

All the Rollei TLRs with interchangeable hoods (prior to the GX) take the same size screen (64 mm x 68 mm).  These are the Rolleiflex models E2, E3, F, F12/24, T, Wide Angle Rollei, Tele-Rollei, RolleiMagic, and the Rolleicord Vb.  Also, some non-interchangeable hood models may have been changed to interchangeable hood cameras by repair technicians.

The later Rolleiflex TLR models GX, FX, FW, and FT take a third size screen (55.5 mm x 62.25 mm, horizontal orientation). This is the same size as the SLR cameras from SL 66, SLX, 6000 Series and finally Hy6

Rolleiflex SLR models SL66, SL66E, SLX, the 6000 series cameras, and the Hy6 take the same size screen (55.5 mm x 62.25 mm, horizontal orientation). 

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How to program Hy6 Autofocus to a different button than the trigger? (Custom AF mode settings)

With the Hy6 and Hy6 Mod2 its very convenient to program the autofocus to work with a different button than the trigger.  Here's how you do it:  Just set your AF slider switch to the end of travel at the red button, then press and keep holding down the button just above the AF slider (Button #53 in the picture) and adjust the scroll wheel on top of the grip until the display shows Focus - Manual as shown in picture, then release.  Done!   Now when you want to turn on focusing just press this same button #53 above the slider and it will activate the focus when depressed and the shutter button will only trigger the shutter.  

When you want to go back to normal AF operations with AF on the shutter trigger half press,   just switch the AF slider to whatever setting you like. Once you have configured the custom mode you can always go back and it will be the where you had it.   This is convenient since the custom mode red area is always at the end of the slider travel so you never need to look at it, you can just move the slider to the end and know you have it. Nice ergonomics right!  

Note that you can also use this custom mode to set the AF to continuous or to an AF lock mode (where you can't take a picture without having focus lock).  All of this is in the Hy6 user manual under custom AF modes. 

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