What cables do you need to connect a Hasselblad digital back to the Len Control S?

Several people have asked me recently what cables are needed for connecting their Hasselblad digital backs to the Rollei Lens Control S with electronic shutters.

For cables you'd need your firewire cable, plus two others that daisy chain together: The first part of the cable you'll need is the Rollei digital communications cable which I sell in my online shop:  Rollei Connecting Cable for Digital Backs to Lens ControlS, and the second part of the cable is a Hasselblad supplied cable which fits to the end of this cable and goes into the port(s) of your digital back.  It is called the Rollei Expose Cable part # 50300178 for H3D, H4D and H5D backs,  and cable # 50300168 for CF backs.    You must buy this from Hasseblad or from your dealer.  B&H and Adorama list these cables, but I'm not sure if they actually can supply them or not -maybe?   There is another cable for use with the older ixpress digital backs that took the image banks.  This is part number #50300121. Have a look at the diagram to see how it all fits together - just substitute the correct Hasselblad cable for your particular back. 
Note: Click on it to get a larger view 
Cable for CF Hasselblad digital backs - this plugs into the end of the rollei digital cable, then into the back. Also can be used on 6000 series cameras with the back mounted via the iadapter plate (not needed for 6008AF).
For 6000 series cameras to Ixpress or Lens Control to Ixpress backs



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  • Mar 01, 2018

    We are trying to connect a H6D back on a Linhof with the Rollei Lens Control S.
    We have this cable: Rollei Expose Cable part # 50300178 (but it looks more like a combination of Control Cable 36705 and 50300178)
    It doesnt work quite well. Can it be the cable?

    — Rutger

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