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Purple files issue with Hasselblad/Imacon digital backs on the 6000 series explained

For a long time I had gotten occasionally a funny magenta or purple image with my iXpress or Imacon / Hasselblad digital backs on my Rollei 6008AF body.  I figured that sometimes a file just gets corrupted or hit a bad spot on the memory card or there was a loose cable, but on one occasion I had a number of these purple files in one shoot.       I sent some files to Hasselblad Support a few years back and Paul Claesson wrote a very informative e-mail with the explanation.   

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What cables do you need to connect a Hasselblad digital back to the Len Control S?

Several people have asked me recently what cables are needed for connecting their Hasselblad digital backs to the Rollei Lens Control S with electronic shutters.

For cables you'd need your firewire cable, plus two others that daisy chain together: The first part of the cable you'll need is the Rollei digital communications cable which I sell in my online shop:  Rollei Connecting Cable for Digital Backs to Lens ControlS, and the second part of the cable is a Hasselblad supplied cable which fits to the end of this cable and goes into the port(s) of your digital back.  
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