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Purple files issue with Hasselblad/Imacon digital backs on the 6000 series explained

For a long time I had gotten occasionally a funny magenta or purple image with my iXpress or Imacon / Hasselblad digital backs on my Rollei 6008AF body.  I figured that sometimes a file just gets corrupted or hit a bad spot on the memory card or there was a loose cable, but on one occasion I had a number of these purple files in one shoot.       I sent some files to Hasselblad Support a few years back and Paul Claesson wrote a very informative e-mail with the explanation.   I found this recently looking through old e-mails and figured this might help someone and am posting it here.  To make the story short - the answer is the mirror up button is not 100% supported with their digital backs on the 6000 series Rolleiflex's.    

The long answer with a better explanation is below in Paul's e-mail:


Mr. Hiss,

Most apologies for the long delay.

I consulted with corporate support in Denmark regarding your questions.

When you make a capture on the 6008AF, without using the mirror up function. The digital back gets a pre sync signal, to stop the sensor reading out lines and make it ready to receive the image, before the shutter opens.  
If you use the mirror up function, the back doesn't get the pre sync signal, and is not ready for the capture. If you are using a fast shutter speed, the images will get a magenta colorcast and if you zoom in them you will see
a pattern. If you use a slow shutter speed, or capture tethered from the computer, the images will be fine.

Mirror up not used

Paul Claesson
Hasselblad Technical Support



How to mount your AFi back to Large Format Cameras

Leaf makes this cool - AFi/Hy6 to Graflok adapter plate which can be then fit to any LF camera that accepts standard film holders or film backs.   The great thing about this adapter from Leaf is that infinity focus is retained without adjustment - so if you have a rangefinder or stops that are calibrated for film this is a direct swap.  I use mine in my Polaroid 110B conversions and Linhof Technika's.   It's fun and you can get different looks, plus movements.  

These cost approximately $750 but about the same price as alternatives, but does get to infinity focus whereas the other's don't thanks to the turning locking mechanism on the inside face - shown in the first image.   I can order them for you or you can also get them from your Leaf Dealer.




Digital Transitions has a special on AFi-ii 10's

For those of you looking at Hy6 Mod2's and considering digital backs....

Lance Schad at Digital Transitions has a special price going on AFi-ii 10 and Mod2 packages!

Read about it on their blog hereRolleiflex Hy6 Mod2 & Mamiya Leaf AFi-ii 10 Offer<br>Limited Time Only - DT Blog

Call or e-mail him if you have questions.  Lance Schad at DT  lns@digitaltransitions.com     212-529-6825 x224