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How to mount your AFi back to Large Format Cameras

Leaf makes this cool - AFi/Hy6 to Graflok adapter plate which can be then fit to any LF camera that accepts standard film holders or film backs.   The great thing about this adapter from Leaf is that infinity focus is retained without adjustment - so if you have a rangefinder or stops that are calibrated for film this is a direct swap.  I use mine in my Polaroid 110B conversions and Linhof Technika's.   It's fun and you can get different looks, plus movements.  

These cost approximately $750 but about the same price as alternatives, but does get to infinity focus whereas the other's don't thanks to the turning locking mechanism on the inside face - shown in the first image.   I can order them for you or you can also get them from your Leaf Dealer.




Adapter to fit Rollei MF lenses to your DSLR

I've been experimenting with an adapter made by Fotodiox to fit my Rollei lenses onto my DSLR.  This is not an active adapter - meaning it won't adjust the aperture, nor will it operate the shutter or give you focus confirmation.  However it does feel solid and has its own behind the lens aperture.   If there is interest, I will add these adapters for Canon and Nikon  DSLR's to my store - cost would be approx. $150.   I hope that I don't have to write how great the Rollei glass is - you all already knew that right!  Sorry for the lousy cell phone pics…