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Custom TLR Leather and Covering Choices now shown

Hi All,

I have received a color swatch packet from DHW-Fototechnik with a sample of each covering option available for the Rolleiflex TLR's.  Now those of you interested in personalizing your new Rolleiflex can see the different options.  I've uploaded pictures for each TLR model product page and also put them on this page here: TLR Custom Leather and Covering Choices

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List of all corrective diopters available for Rollei cameras

Just posted a big table of all the different corrective diopters available for all the different Rolleiflex cameras including - TLR's, 6000 series, and Hy6.  Covers waist level magnifiers, 45 and 90 degree prisms.  

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TLR pop up magnifiers - Table of available corrective diopters

Table of Corrective Diopters available for pop up magnifiers in the TLR Waist Level Finder

Rolleiflex TLR  2.8FX   4.0 FW and 4.0 FT    (will also fit 2.8 GX, F, 3.5 F and other models with removable WLF)

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Infrared film on the TLR's and Bay IV Adapter to Filter Ring Tip

Several people have mentioned to me that like shooting infrared films on particularly the TLR's because they can leave the filter in place but still be able to compose and focus with the taking lens.  Not having to remove, focus, and refit the filter for every shot is really handy!    Nice tip! 

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