All about batteries - Part 2: TLR's

What? TLR's have batteries?

Yes, the new ones with TTL electronic metering do! But don't worry, they last a really long time. My personal TLR is a 2.8F from before I was born, and it was given to me by my ersatz father, but I am eyeing the FW (wide) a lot lately - one with dark brown leather. Hmm...  

I understand that some owners have never even changed their batteries so these must last pretty long, but the 2.8 FX, 2.8 FX-N, 4.0 FW and 4.0 FT   TLR Cameras all have a little battery in them that powers the metering electronics and display lights:   It's a type PX28L and they are user replaceable.   Johannes Hartje from the factory has written me that not all PX28's are created equal, and therefore DHW-Fototechnik recommends using either the Duracell P28L or the Varta V28PXL both of which can be found on Amazon  or at local shops.  If there is enough interest, I will stock these in my store as a convenience. 

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