DIY Digital Back Adapter for SL66

DIY Digital Back Adapter for SL66

Over the years a lot of people have asked me about digital backs on the SL66, and until now I did not think it was possible because of the protruding left side of the body, but I just saw a post on dpreview by someone in Thailand who has managed to make it work.

See the post for more information:

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  • Dec 14, 2022

    Hi John,
    Rollei Metric made a bunch of adapters for Phase One digital backs primarily for aerial survey work but also for land survey use. These were all made for 6008AF only.
    Trimble bought Rollei Metric and continued to make these up until about 2010. If you search aerial survey groups you might get lucky and find an old one up for sale. Of course, the Rollei factory was involved and I’ve seen half-made adapter blanks there and asked them to make them again. The cost to tool up for that was just a bit too high to make it worthwhile, but I’m sure it can be done. I’ve not had the time to pursue this but I’m sure a competent machinist like SK Grimes could do this for you. What I know is the backs with Hasselblad V mount are the easiest to convert. Most older backs have what’s called a large format mode where you can trigger the back with a shutter sync cable, so that’s the way to go about it with the Rollei SLX also. For Rollei 6003, 6008 you can also get ISO information.

    — Eric

  • Dec 08, 2022


    I am using the Hasselblad CFV 50c with my Cambo Actus and HR lenses..

    Would love to mount the back on Rollei SLX and use my Rollei lenses….any chance there is an adaptor that is available and works prop[erly?



    — John

  • Aug 11, 2022

    thanks for posting this link. i was ready to give up on my sl66se system because i feel a need to leave film behind, but your post has given me hope.

    — julian svedosh

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