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Hy6 Mod2 and 6060 temp sold out, but more coming soon! 4560 film back still available.

Mid March 2021 updates

Hy6 Mod2 bodies sold out again as well as 6060 film bacs, but more on order.  One 4560 film back still available.  These are really rare so if you were wanting one, don't wait! 

I'm also listing a few of the different cameras I have stockpiled here - doing some spring cleaning!  Have Hasselblad X1D-50C body available, will be listing a Pentax 645Z and lenses, Canon 5DII and lenses, Ricoh GR II, Graflex 4x5 totally customized, and many more including a lot of my duplicate Linhof items. Check my Used Other collection to see them. 

6000 series battery advisory - Lithium batteries from eBay not recommended

Over the last year I've had a number of Rolleiflex 6008/6000 series users tell me about a bad experience with one particular ebay seller who is a Lithium battery solution for 6000 series cameras. The seller on ebay is from Quebec, Canada and the batteries are 3D printed blocks fitted with 3 Li cells.   I've been sent several of these batteries after they fail.  One user told me that they failed shortly after buying but not before they left feedback on ebay.   I know that one big problem with Lithium batteries is fire - and that each cell needs to be charged independently to avoid that potential problem.  These Li batteries from the Canadian ebay vendor charge all the cells in a sting or series connection - so that should be the first clue that these are not well designed. 

Now I'm also hearing from my service technician that these batteries could be causing main circuit board failures.  This is an expensive fix.  Rolleiflex 6000 series cameras use more than just the two pins needed for charging to monitor battery and load and temperature.   The Li batteries from Canada don't use all pins, don't have a thermal resistor the cameras read, and can provide higher current.  This is also why those batteries don't work in all cameras.   I strongly recommend against buying battery rebuilds from this vendor. 

I have seen Lithium battery solutions that work well, for example the ones made by Wiese Fototechnik, and some nice home built ones as well.  The 3D printed battery block is an interesting idea, but unfortunately can not recommend.

Rollei 35 Classic available from the factory
The factory is asking me if I have any customers who want a Rollei 35 Classic (see picture) that comes with the metal lens cap, case, hand strap and box.  This particular camera has some gold plated accents such as the shutter release button and lens release button.  This would be one of the last made, and would come with a 2 year factory warranty.  I don't have anyone on wait list for these.  Contact me if you have interest.
Focusing screens - listing all my used screens

Over the years I've collected quite a number of focusing screens - mostly from different cameras that have come through my hands but I've also picked up a lot by rummaging around in the factory QC area while in Germany and bought ones on ebay going as far back as 2004 when I first my first Rolleiflex SLR camera - a 6008AF.    I've even had some made myself.    Since I stopped selling Maxwell screens (too much hassle, too expensive, virtually identical to the High D screens) a lot of people have asked about screens so I've started to go through my screen box and list them.    I've also gotten in from the factory some NOS High D first Generation screens for both the SLR and TLR screens. 

I've learned a few things about focusing screens over the years - focusing screens are personal choices, not one is always best.   Some people prefer one style or another or swap out screens for the project - macro, indoors, architecture/landscape, etc.  It's really cool how quickly and easily the screens can be swapped out in the Rolleiflex SLR cameras.  

New Hy6 Mod2 Kit with 6060 film back available

Just unpacked my latest shipment from the factory ....   I have one new Hy6 Mod2 kit with 6060 film back that isn't spoken for yet.  btw -  New Hy6 Mod2's made since early 2020 are coming with 3.31 firmware.    I have lenses available also if you need one. 


6000 Batteries and chargers

April 2020

The new factory made charger, the D type, seems to be working well and I'm told by technician Dave Feely at Key Camera Service, that in his testing the NiMH celled batteries are getting fully charged in less time with less heat.  Less heat means longer life.   

While the factory is supplying me with new chargers, they've not had any new 6000 batteries available for months.   I'm in need of dead or old 6000 battery cores for rebuilding.  If you have any just laying around, I'd be happy to buy them from you at $25 each so I can get them rebuilt and out to users.  This will help another Rolleiflex user in need!  Thank you!

Factory releases Type D charger for Rolleiflex 6000 series and Lens control S batteries

The older C-Type charger has been out of production for some time, and I'm happy to announce that the factory has come up with a new charger solution for the batteries.  These work with the NiMH celled batteries and will charge the ones with higher capacity cells all the way up.   I'm stocking the ones with power supplies with US plugs but have a few protoypes with Euro plugs so if you need one just e-mail me.